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Just In Time Non-Profit Foundation
P.O. Box 311379
Houston, Texas 77231

"Do you love helping people out in their times of need?"

The beauty of empowering others is that your own power is not diminished in the process. Empowering other people puts positive vibes into the atmosphere that will be returned to you. This can be achieved in a number of ways.
The ways we intend to empower people are as follows:


We will join local food banks to access food for distribution to people in our local area. Our efforts will be to supply complete meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas to ten families.


We will supply clothing to individuals and families. Donated clothing, cleaned and repaired as the need arises. Locations for donations have not been identified at this time.


Support families maintain their housing. Make a one-time emergency payment, of up to $500.00 to help families or individuals who need assistance with housing.


Pay utility bills. Utility bills will include light, gas, water, and the basic rate on a home telephone. Only payment arrangements that have been set with the utility authority will be paid. The initial payment amount will be the only payment we will make, only up to $200.00.

Educational Endeavors

Support a student enrolled in an institution of higher learning with a (onetime) educational gift of $1000.00 dollars to be awarded in the amount of $500.00 dollars per semester.

Schools Supplies

We will solicit and otherwise gather funds for purchasing and the actual collection of school supplies during the year. School supplies will be distributed the Saturday before school starts in the Houston area (zip codes 77021 and 77051). Supplies would include paper, pencils, pens, glue, markers, folders, binders, backpacks, book bags, erasers, scissors, index cards, and rulers. Areas of distribution would be in community centers, and churches in the area.

Funeral Expenses

A one-time payment of $500.00 dollars to help with funeral arrangements of an immediate family member to include spouses, parents, or children only.

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So much social justice that we see happening until we can no longer sit on the sidelines lines when we know that people are suffering. They have experience hardships, such as being homeless, interrupted financial concerns, addictions, hardships, etc. You know that whatever you donate can help us to help someone. Any amount will help us to offer more services.

Application for Assistance Form