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Scholarship Recipients

Tyrel Ja'Juan Lee

Jun 1, 2017
JIT Foundation 2017-2018 Scholarship Award

Name: Tyrel Ja'Juan Lee

Honest / Focused / Dedicated / High-Spirited / Unique

Age: 19 years old

Date of Birth:Oct 15, 1998

School: Westbury High School

Grade: 12th

GPA: 2.7



  • Westbury President Club
  • eMotion Dance Company
  • Blue Diamond Dance Company
  • SUMBC Praise Team
  • Westbury Track and Cross Country Team
  • I am the Chief Of Staff of Westbury Presidents Club. I take charge in every activity or event we hold. I organize all events and mentor freshman's and sophomores that will take my place when i graduate.

Do you volunteer for any community and/or religious groups or projects outside of school? Explain.

  • I volunteer with my church by feeding the homeless and Christmas caroling to homeless shelters and poor neighborhoods
  • I volunteer with Presidents Club by mentoring to freshman and sophomores

Colleges to which you have applied:

  • TSU
  • LU
  • HCC

Planned Major: Nurse

Career Objective: Nursing


What have you gained, personally, from participating in your department’s program?
I learned how to understand more than to be understood. I became a better listener and a better friend since i joined Presidents club. It taught be how to be caring to others and grateful for the things I do have, and not complain about the things I do not have.

Why do you feel you should be awards this scholarship?:
I should win the scholarship because i am smart, educated, and i am interested in bettering my life through my education. I've overcome many different obstacles in my life that helped me grow and be the man i am today. Only that I hope to win. I feel everyone here deserves to win for the reason being they want to go to school and expand their minds and better themselves.

I have many short term and long term goals. I truly desire to make my mom and dad proud as I am the first to attend college in my family. My goal is to focus and take the necessary steps 1 year at a time until I complete this college journey and then obtain a position with a reputable hospital where I can display my knowledge and talents to aid in helping others. I also have a goal to be able to go to 3rd world countries to render aid to people in need. After I am stable and my career is set in motion I plan to be a husband and a father while praying I can be just half the father that I was blessed with.


Beatrice Eliza Simpson

Jun 1, 2017
JIT Foundation 2017-2018 Scholarship Award

Name: Beatrice Eliza Simpson

Age: 18 years old

Date of Birth:Aug 12, 1999

School: Lutheran High North

Grade: 12th

GPA: 3.0



  • Track and field
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Cheer
  • Student council ( 3 years )
  • academic quest ( 3 years )
  • BS leader ( 2 years )

Post Graduation Plans:

  • Colleges to which you have applied
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Lamar University
  • Texas Southern University
  • University Of Houston
  • Houston Baptist University
  • SFA
  • SHSU

Planned Major: Law/ Political Science

Career Objective: Lawyer


What have you gained, personally, from participating in your department’s program? I have gained basic skills to be successful and earned the right to call myself a productive citizen.

Why do you feel you should be awards this scholarship?: I feel I should be awarded this scholarship because everyone has to start off somewhere. Whether it's small or big, it's a start to something new. I work hard and I feel I deserve to be rewarded.


Ta'Mirah Collins

May 30, 2016
JIT Foundation 2015-2016 Scholarship Award

Name: Ta'Mirah Collins

Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: October 23, 1998

School: Barbara Jordan High School

Grade: 12th

GPA: 2.7


  • Senior Class Treasurer
  • Accounting Manager for Culinary Class
  • Volunteer at Elementary School, Specail Needs Class

Post Graduation Plans:

  • Attend a 2 Years university of my choice
  • Tyler Jr. College
  • Major in Psychology

Career Aspirations:

  • Associates of Arts, then Bachelors Degree

Why I Should Receive the Scholarship

My name is Ta'Mirah Collins. I am a student at Barbara Jordan High School for Careers. Before I even attended high school, I became certain that I wanted to pursue a higher education I needed to be persistent and determined to achieve my career aspirations. Thus, upon graduating as a member of The National Society of High School Scholars, I will be attending Tyler Junior College and then plan to transfer to The University of Texas at Tyler. My educational aspirations consist of acquiring an associate's degree that would assist me in pursuing my bachelor's degree. I am certain that receiving the scholarship will definitely be beneficial in giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals. Therefore, I think that pursuing my career will provide me with that opportunity.

I am thankful and know I would not be at this level in my education without my mom's prayers, my father's support and my own personal relationship in Jesus Christ. I decided that I will attain a career since my passion has always been assisting others.

I would like to be selected for one of your foundation's scholarships because as a hard working student I will commit myself to effectively take advantage of the opportunity that the scholarships will provide me. I am a student that persistently works hard academically, and also constantly try to improve myself. I believe education is the key to success. I am


Tavalya Edwards

Jun 10, 2015
JIT Foundation 2014-2015 Scholarship Award

Name: Tavalya Edwards

Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: August 17, 1997

School: Bellaire High School

Grade: 12th

GPA: 3.29

SAT Score:1300

Awards or Honors

  • YBI

Post Graduation Plans:

  • Attend a 2 Years university of my choice
  • University of Houston
  • Major in Biology

Career Aspirations:

  • Become a Cardiologist Doctor

Tianna Kelly

Apr 4, 2014
JIT Foundation 2013-2014 Scholarship Award

Willbern Heritage Scholarship Foundation
Personal Essay

When asked to describe me, most of those close to me would immediately think of the word responsible; this personality trait is among my most defining characteristics. I exhibit responsibility in regard to my peers and others around me, ensuring that I always keep any promises that I make and come through for those who need my services. Also contributing to my responsible nature is my ability to wisely manage my time and balance numerous tasks including two part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, advanced placement school classes, and family obligations; in this regard, engaging in my high school's co-op program has encouraged me to develop a sense of responsibility. Lastly, my ability to prioritize allows me to behave responsibly: for example, when facing the options of studying for a test and attending a concert, though I may wish to partake in the fun activity, I would almost always choose instead to do the responsible thing.

In addition to being responsible, I am very ambitious. Because I grew up having to go without, I have decided to dedicate myself to ensuring that neither I nor my family members are forced to live in such a manner ever again. To achieve this goal, I realize that I must stay focused on academic success, which will eventually turn into professional and financial achievement. At this point in my life, my self-evaluation centers almost completely on my timely completion of tasks I have set for myself which will help me to meet my personal goals. Though there a number of others, the last adjective with which I will describe myself is passionate. I believe that everything I do is important, and should be treated as such; all tasks must be given the most attention and concentration. In this manner, all results will be of the highest quality. In addition to any of my working tasks, I carry this sense of passion to my relationships with others, as I find that submersing yourself completely in a given situation yields the greatest results. In this manner and with these qualities, I feel assured that I will use the college education provided to me by in part by the Willbern Heritage Scholarship Foundation to succeed in both the academic and professional fields.

Kirby Marshal’ Miller

May 30, 2012
JIT Foundation 2012-2013 Scholarship Award

Name: Kirby Miller

Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: June 21, 1995

School: Westside High School (2009-present)

Grade: 12th

GPA: 3.68

GPA Scale: 4.0

Rank: 137

Class Size: 595

Awards or Honors

  • Silver Award – Girl Scouts of America
  • Gold Award- Girl Scouts of America
  • All American 4x100  (USA Track and Field Junior Olympics)
  • All American 4x400 (USA Track and Field Junior Olympics)
  • 2nd Place Photography and Essay – National Women of Achievement
  • Most Valuable Player 2012 – Westside Track team
  • Most Valuable Player 2011 – Westside Track Team
  • Area 5 Region # Competitive Keyboarding Production Competition
  • Miss NYA (National Youth Achiever) Metro Southeast Chapter of National Women of Achievement
  • Senior Homecoming Court Attendant

Special Project

Girl Scout Gold Award – “The Me I Can Be” Theatre Camp

This project totaled over 90 service hours culminating in a theatre camp that focused on promoting individuality and positive character building using a target audience of children and teens between the first and the sixth grades. Using a theatre camp as the vehicle for this exploration into personal expression, children experienced theatre arts in a fun way and practiced ways to address the issues they face on a daily basis such as bullying and peer pressure while teaching them to deal with it in a positive way. I selected this project because I understand that as children grow up, it is sometimes hard to really comprehend who they are and the type of person they want to be. I see many teens giving in to peer pressure and being bullied on a daily basis because they don’t have a sound foundation of self worth. I feel that by teaching kids that they are perfect just the way they are at an early age they will not stray into the temptation to do wrong or be persuaded into doing things that they do not agree with just because other people are doing it. Using a theatre camp as the vehicle for this exploration into personal expression, I want children to experience theatre arts in a fun way and to practice ways to address the issues they face on a daily basis while teaching them to deal with it in a positive way. By creating a character, students will be able to express their feelings through that character, so that the next time they come upon an uncomfortable issue they will be able to remember their character and do what the character did. This will ensure that they handle it positively and ultimately foster a positive self image.

Post Graduation Plans:

  • Attend a 4 year university of my choice
  • Major in Business Management
  • Minor in Marketing
  • Run on track team

       Career Aspirations:

  • Become a sports agent
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