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The beauty of empowering others is
that your own power is not diminished in the process.

2018 Scholarship Recipient: Miss Le'Aundrea Keshay Fields

2018 Scholarship Recipient: Miss Le'Aundrea Keshay Fields

Fall 2018 Complete Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall 2018 Complete Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall 2018 Complete Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall 2018 Complete Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome to Just in Time Non-Profit Foundation

At Just In Time, we help to empower the lives of individuals and families that will create self awareness and confidence. To create a better life.. a better tomorrow.. because of better choices. JIT, we empower.


In an effort to address the community needs for zip codes 77021 and 77051 in the Houston area, it has become apparent that within this service area, there is a need to provide services to identified individuals and needy families. These community members need support in order to function more independently as an individual who now has the resources to succeed both at home and in educational advancement.


The Foundation is committed to assessing the needs and providing service (s) for those who are identified as needing assistance. Service and needs that the Foundation considers:

  1. Home needs
  2. Housing assistance
  3. Aid to pay utilities
  4. Funeral expenses for immediate family members
  5. Programs that will help substantial growth in education: scholarships, mentoring and networking.


Areas in the specified zip codes such as churches, community centers will be contacted on regular bases to make their clients aware of the services that are being offered by Just In Time NonProfit Foundation. Dates and times will be posted at these facilities to allow clients the opportunity to gather all necessary documents required for services. Clients will also have e-mail access to Just In Time website also a P.O.Box address will be given for those who prefer to use the U.S. Mail services.


This program has already started and will continue year round. There will be no specific times or dates. Needs are daily, and must be served daily. The only time that would play a major role is when our funding would become exhausted. But we have no intentions of letting that happen, because to make the world a better place, you find a need and fill it!


The Foundation will work to empower this identified population and provide services that will ensure personal growth and enhancement. Everyone should have the same opportunity to fulfill his or her dreams to become a part of the American dream. Some because of extenuating circumstances lose their position in life and need assistance to recover. It has been documented that certain zip codes in this city need more assistance, however resources are scarce for those that live in these areas.

Our Board Members

Miss Alice Mckinney
(Educator & Entreprenuer)

Vice President:
Mr. Eldridge Manley
(Information Specialist)

Minister Betty Huff

Miss Alice Mckinney
(Educator & Entreprenuer)


So much social in justice that we see happening until we can no longer sit on the sidelines lines when we know that people are suffering. They have experience hardships, such as being homeless, interrupted financial concerns, addictions, hardships, etc. You know that whatever you donate can help us to help someone. Any amount will help us to offer more services.

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